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About me

Friedrich Helmut Becker 

1975 Abitur at Hermann-Hesse-Gymnasium Calw
1975 - 1978 Studies in mathematics, physics, philosophy and economics at the University of Konstanz
1978 Pre-dgree (Vordiplom) in mathematics at the University of Konstanz
1978 - 1981 Studies of Laws at the University of Konstanz
1981 - 1983 Trainee Lawyer:
                        Radolfzell district court, 
                        Konstanz public prosecutor's office, 
                        administrative court Sigmaringen,
                        district office Schwarzwald-Baar-Kreis, Villingen-Schwenningen,
                        lawyers Barth, Radau and colleagues, Calw,
                        Deutsche Bank AG, central legal department, Frankfurt
1983 - 1984 Advanced studies at the University of Konstanz in the focal area "Economy and labor"
1984 Juridical state examination at the University of Konstanz.

Attorney at Law since: 1984


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  • Member of the Expert Council of the Juris GmbH (until 2001)
  • Lecturer of the University of Konstanz (1988 to 2006)
  • Chairman of the Committee "Computer Science and Communication" of the Federal Bar Association (1993 to 2008)
  • Examiner for the First State Law Examination in Baden-Württemberg (1999 to 2009) ,
  • Chairman of the combined Expert Examination Committee of the Bar Associations of Freiburg, Karlsruhe and Tübingen "Specialist Lawyer for Information Technology Law [IT Law]" (2006 to 2009).
  • Lecturer of the HTWG Konstanz (2017 to 2019)