Curiosity - Challenge - Perception



Lawscape® - it's not a roadmap, it doesn't make you blind like a navigation system. It makes you familiar with the legal landscape.

Every legal problem, every question, but also every solution or approach is located at a certain point in the intellectual legal landscape. However, the knowledge of a landscape requires not only that you know their details, but that you also have a good overview and also a proper vision, in order to find their way in a meaningful way. For gaining such an overview and foresight, the lawscape® method developed by me is a useful tool.

In legal practice this means that if a lawyer can not find his way around, because he does not have the right imagination or imagination tools of the legal landscape (eg for a hike from Munich to Salzburg a road map, instead of using a hiking map), he will not - at least not effective - arrive at a really and practically usable result. Therefore he can fail the case; and thus his client can fail.

The same thing happens when you permanently use a navigation system (legal aids that show you the way, eg form books), then you often do not know anything about the area after countless journeys. It is important that the familiarity with the legal landscape grows with each trip.

I developed the lawscape® system for the development, further development and maintenance of this idea and the sensible use of the conception tools. On the one hand it serves me, on the other hand I pass it on to selected, suitable colleagues, who are then especially prepared to cooperate with me in the framework of my philosophy.

An important instrument for lawscape® is the specific system fractalaw®, which I also developed.

Trademarkscape is the special application of lawscape® in the field of brands and their support.