Curiosity - Challenge - Perception



As under fractalaw®and lawscape® explained, there are numerous complex legal problems that need to be solved in practice by other means than through the pure teaching of legal dogmatics and methodology or even in the academic research context.

The problem here is primarily to effectively achieve a real and practically useful result within the given resources (especially time and money). Otherwise, the lawyer and thus his client will fail in the case.

In addition to the development, further development and maintenance of this ability, I developed the system lateralaw in addition to the system fractalaw®.

This system is based on the so-called "lateral thinking" developed by Edward de Bono in the 1960s (see

On the one hand, these systems serve me, on the other hand I pass them on to selected, suitable colleagues, who are then especially prepared in the framework of my philosophy to cooperate with me.

Another important instrument for fractalaw® and lateralaw is the specific approach lawscape® I developed for orientation in confusing contexts.