Curiosity - Challenge - Perception

Friedrich Helmut Becker

Friedrich H. Becker

About me

As a person I am indivisible - individual.

For me, there is no separation between work and leisure; but between private and public.

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My Work

This website is intended to inform about the range of my legal interests and approaches as well as to provide more information about me and my work.

In terms of content, it often deals with the legal base of the information society, as well as with the challenges posed by technical, economic and social developments that result from this for the law.

More about my work can be found here and also at: and (German) (English)

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My Intention

My aim is to encourage as many people as possible to think - to think for themselves. The individual reflection is the basis for the right decision. It is also about helping to be exposed as little as possible to the influence of the state.

In addition, I want to build bridges between law, market and technology. This is about all the points of contact between law, market and technology.

Important areas are contract management, legal controlling, legal project support and legal risk management.

Of course, it's also about helping my clients to overcome anger and problems and winning.