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Leve your Trouble | Problembewältigung

Leave your trouble

Based on Paul Simon's song '50 Ways to Leave Your Lover' I offer'50 Ways to Leave Your Trouble' here.

It is not always exactly 50 ways, but usually much more than you initially think. Anyway, considering that thinking is very limited when dealing with one of feelings:

Displeasure, bullying, bureaucracy, fooling, rip-off, anger, trouble, frustration, disappointment, anger, hate, powerlessness, hopelessness, kafkaesque situation.

These thought and perception impairments and blockades must be resolved because they are extremely dangerous (eg "tunnel vision"). "But where there is danger, the rescuer also grows" (Friedrich Hölderlin). This is where my work as a lawyer comes in: a clear overview of the situation and its basic conditions is the starting point.