Curiosity - Challenge - Perception



Each legal issue, every problem, but any solution or any approach has repeatedly - so to speak, at any point - at least one ramification. This can be considered as a fractal; and no matter where you are in this fractal, there is always a "yes, but" for lawyers.

In legal practice this means that if a lawyer can not deal with this because he does not have the ability to effectively achieve a real and practically useful result within the given resources (especially time and money), he will fail in the case. And with that his client will fail too.

For the development, further development and maintenance of this ability, I developed the system fractalaw®. On the one hand it serves me, on the other hand I pass it on to selected, suitable colleagues, who are then especially prepared in the framework of my philosophy to cooperate with me.

An important tool for fractalaw® (and also for lateralaw) is the specific approach, which I also developed lawscape®.