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My philosophy | Meine Philosophie

My Philosophy

My aim is to encourage as many people as possible to think - for thinking oneself. This is the basis for the right decision. In doing so, the lawyer can support his client, but can not relieve him of thinking and deciding.

The motto is always: I build bridges between law, market and technology.

On the one hand, my lawyer's job can be described by the slogan "specialized generalist". Whether in individual cases the specialist or generalist character is the focus of my work depends on the localization of the problem to be worked on (lawscape®) and on the depth of the differentiation of the approach (fractalaw® and / or lateralaw®).

On the other hand, my activities have been for many years, especially with regard to brands, globalized with a focus on relations between Germany / Europe to the USA in a westerly direction and the Pacific in an easterly direction: here beside the USA (west coast), Japan, Korea and China, also Taiwan and, in particular, the Philippines as a currently very ambitious country in the region.

This means that I orient myself to the actual desire or problem of my client and not to be restricted by legal boundaries or national borders: Together with the client, I compile an overview of his situation and goals and, based on this, a specific strategy. This strategy is then implemented using our own specialist knowledge and / or external specialists - exclusively and always oriented to the interests of the client.

This philosophy allows and requires a great deal of openness to case-related cooperation with other lawyers but also other outsiders, such as tax consultants, accountants, advertising agencies, producers, publishers, record labels, etc.

Overall, this means that I work exclusively and consistently in close and intensive coordination with my clients. And all the things for which I do not have the required specialization or other expertise, I cooperate with the most suitable external in each case-related individual way (lawbroker).