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Counterfeiting | Produktfälschungen

Action against counterfeiting

Counterfeiting is more common than you think. For example, counterfeits have only become known after regular customers have complained about the decreasing quality of the products, and a review has revealed that they were counterfeits from China.

This shows that product counterfeiting can also lead to serious problems (eg good reputation of the company), not only to lost sales.

To the office ...

Possible remedies are in particular:

  • proceeding from the injured rights, in particular:
    • Patent; Utility Model
    • Design, Designs
    • Plant Variety
    • Copyright or related rights
    • Supplementary protection certificate for medicinal products and pesticides
    • Geographical indication of origin
    • Topography of semiconductor products
    • Trade name

  • Border seizure by customs upon import into Germany and / or the EU